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Ichimoku and Bolllinger Bands Recap

Ichimoku, overlays and Moorat trading

  • Basics and components of Ichimoku cloud based trading
  • Entry
  • Target fixing
  • Trailing sl and exit
  • Identifying Accumulation, Momentum, Distribution and decline
  • Identifying long trades
  • Identifying short trades
  • Bruce lee punch
  • Bruce lee kick
  • Bruce lee hug
  • Understanding bias of marketing participants
  • Combining Williams % r with Ichimoku for confirmation
  • Looking for patterns in williams % r
  • Moorat Trade with reference to Williams % r
  • Combining Bollinger bands with ichimoku for confirmation
  • Looking for patterns in Bollinger bands
  • Moorat trade with reference to Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands – High Probability Trading

  • Introduction to Bollinger Bands
  • Simplifying Bollinger bands with Bernoulis Principle
  • How Biggies trade – Biggies trade either breakout or mean reversion
  • What is break out
  • What is break down
  • Rules for identifying breakouts and break downs
  • What is Mean reversion
  • How to identify mean reversion
  • Using Bollinger Multi time frame for High probability trade setups with best risk to reward
  • Explanation with practical examples


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