India Market View for 13th May 2019 – Is Reversal On Cards?

Listen to this podcast about what the Indian markets are upto today the 13th May 2019.

In today’s podcast

Listen to this podcast to understand how the Indian markets will behave today. In this podcast I have explained what had happened to the premium between spot and future in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY as explained in the previous post and how it signifies a reversal from here.

I have also explained how the 1000 points away premiums in BANKNIFTY can impact its movement.

Today’s Stock Picks

ADANIPORTS, ADANIPOWER and few other scrips are on the radar today. CANARABANK had already given breakout and the levels for it explained in the podcast. Levels to buy 29200 CE (Not 30200 CE) of BANKNIFTY and its targets are also explained

Read and listen to our previous articles on podcasts for a continued understanding.

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