India Market View for 16th May 2019 – Previous Low Held, What Next?

Listen to this podcast about what the Indian markets are upto today the 16th May 2019.

In today’s podcast

Listen to this podcast to understand what is on cards for the markets based on the premium squeeze explained in this previous podcast.

What does 11800 PE indicates?

Yesterday there was again a premium squeeze in both NIFTY and BANKNIFTY. Future of BANKNIFTY was at a discount with spot. This indicates at least 1000 points upside from here for BANKNIFTY and 300 to 400 points upside for NIFTY provided 11800 PE of May monthly contract does not go beyond 710 on closing basis and NIFTY does not close below 11112 on closing basis.

If these numbers are breached same amount of pain can be seen on the downside.

At present fresh shorts are not advised.

Read and listen to our previous articles on podcasts for a continued understanding.

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