India Market View for 22nd May 2019 – Powerful Tipping Points

Listen to this podcast about what the Indian markets are upto today the 22nd May 2019.

In today’s podcast

It is less than 24 hours from now for the actual election results to be out. The election results had already made Nifty to travel 1700 points up and down. There are more steam left for the remaining trading days of this week.

Levels to watch for Nifty

As said in the previous podcast about 11800 PE it made a low of 199 from 700 levels and Nifty crashed about 300 points as the 11800 PE held 198 as forecasted in the yesterday’s podcast!!

11746 and 11689 are the level to watch in Nifty May Future above which one can stay long for 11933 and 12157 (where people can go short with least stoploss)

Plesae listen to the today’s podcast fully for complete levels for Nifty and BankNifty

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