Trade Signals Disclaimer

By opting in for the auto trade signals, you agree to the below terms and conditions and treat this as our disclaimer statement too



By clicking on the above link to place an order I agree that i have read and understood the below.


I have through my learnings have learnt Bollinger bands, price action, ichimoku and fibonacci. I have asked M/ to develop software that provides signals / triggers to be generated and sent to me based on the above technical indicators. And for development charges and as software as service (SAS) i have opted for signal trigger subscription at INR 3000 + GST per month This charge does not include API charges or any other softwares bridge provided by the Broking companies. 


The signal / trigger providing software service is being provided by entirely on my instruction, inputs and i will not hold responsible for any losses, commission, omission incurred by me by clicking / trading using the above link.


This is NOT a completely automated robot software but it requires my confirmation by putting in my log in credentials in my trading account and in my system or mobile and a confirmation push from my side to initiate trade. 


I understand that the trigger contains default buy sell quantity and price and i have the option to alter the same. The signal comes with default quantity hence any alterations in quantity or price will have to be managed by me when subsequent alert comes.


I understand and agree that i have not provided with my trading user id or password or any credentials and all the trades are being initiated by me after satisfying myself with the high probability trade setups.


I understand that there may be interruptions / discrepancies in data collection and there may be erroneous data provided by the service provider, even as takes exceptional care to filter these error, at times wrong signals may be generated, which I agree to validate before placing the order.


I understand that there may be technical glitches such as power failure, internet disconnection, server failure, hacking and i will not hold responsible for these 


I expressly agree that these signals / triggers will not be shared with any third party/ies.